Thursday, December 1, 2011

Decking the Halls - Part 3

O' Christmas Tree O' Christmas Tree...O' How I ne-ver remem-ber the words to Thee...
(That must be sung to the tune of O'Christmas Tree)

How many of you wait till very LAST to put your tree up?  Me, Me, ME!  I did, I did!  Yup, that is correct folks...the tree was the last stop on my decorating list this year.  I honestly don't know why.  It wasn't hard...I mean, hard is it to sit and drink a cup of coffee while you watch your mister slave over putting each piece of the tree painstakingly together whilst cursing over the lights that aren't working because he didn't plug the cords in together correctly and almost (I say almost because I had to intervene at this point) throwing the whole thing out the front door with the intentions of taking a chainsaw after it to "Fix the problem".  Please keep in mind that this is NOT a real tree hence my concern over the chainsaw solution.  But...he did look really cute bent over with his hiney in the air trying to "fix" it (without the use of a chainsaw) :)  I'm thinking it turned out quite nicely myself!
(close up of you could'nt figure that out)

(view from living room)
(view from dining room)

(looking into the living room)

I love all the twinkly lights at night :)  They make me happy every time I walk into the room. 

But just because I want all the colors to show up for ya...I took a few during the daylight too.  I'm just cool like that :)

(Just keeing it real with the dog in the room)

(Looking from the dining room to the entry)

So when did you put your tree up?  Was it first or last or some where in between? 

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  1. Love it! Looks so cozy!
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  2. Your tree is so colorful and festive! Your room is lovely!

    Thank you for linking to the Christmas Tree Party at 2805!

  3. So colorful and pretty! Thanks for linking up!


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