Thursday, November 10, 2011

Something sweet this way comes...

November Birchbox

Color me happy!  Yesterday when I got home from work I found this little box of happy sitting on my front porch!  (insert happy dance here)

I opened it up to find out what was inside...just like last time, I was greeted with this awesome little love note letting me know what treasures await me.

I just love that it comes all wrapped up in pink tissue paper don't you?

Check out all those goodies!  WOOHOOO!  And mascara too!  LOVE IT!

My absolute FAVORITE piece in all this is this little tiny pink piece of elastic...

Can you see it in there?  It is a hair be used like a rubber band!  How cool is that???  I immediately pulled it out and tied my hair up into a pony tail with it.  This thing ROCKS ladies! It did not come loose at all like I thought it would.  AWESOME!

And there you have it November Birchbox!  If you haven't already signed up to get yours just click here.  I promise it to be the best $10.00 you'll ever spend on "girly" fun stuff! 

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