Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Glitter and Glue

As I promised, today I will share with you how I made my awesome glittered pumpkins!  Aren't they pretty and oh so...glittery? I love the way they sparkle when the light hits them.

All it takes is a little of this...
My trusty can of Elmers Spray Adhesive.  And a WHOLE LOT of this...

I'm a huge fan of anything glitter! 

This is a really easy project for anyone that doesn't mind a big glittery mess and sticky fingers :)  Since I am new to this blog thing I suck and forgot to take some during pictures but hopefully I can walk you through this enough for you to pull it off on your own. 

Start with a pumpkin of your choice.  I picked some plastic ones that I had leftover from the year before but you can use real ones too.  Its totally up to you!  Lay some newspaper or plastic or whatever you like down in a well ventilated area (unless you really wanna get high from the glue fumes...totally NOT recommended).  Place your pumpkin on the paper/plastic or whatever you chose.  Coat the entire pumpkin with spray glue.  I didn't spray the stem so that I could pick it up and turn it while I dosed it in glitter.  After you spray it with glue start shaking that glitter all over it.  Don't be chincey...GO TO TOWN.  And don't worry about it all getting on the newspaper/plastic.  You can put all that back into the container at the end or re-sprinkle it on the pumpkin.  After my first go round with the glitter I didn't feel that it was sparkly enough so I sprayed more glue (this time I got the stem) and glittered it again.  I'm a rebel like that :) 

After all your efforts this is what your are left with. 

So BOO-tiful...and for roughly $6.00 you too can have your own set of sparklers like these!  Sure beats the $25.00 I saw these babies for a local boutique!

And there you have it!  So what do you think?  Do you see glitter and glue in your future?  I am linking this up at  Go take a look.


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