Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Game/Play/Family Room Project...

Well...hello there folks!  Betcha wonder where the heck I've been lately.

Busy!  That's where!

I've got so many different projects started that I don't even know which end is up anymore.  It's all good though!
I'm making progress...slowly.

This particular project started about a month ago.  Sherwin Williams was having a 30% off sale on paints.  I'd be a fool NOT to take advantage of that right?  RIGHT!  And that's the story were telling Mr. AKM em' kay pumpkins?  Well, that was until they decided to have 40% off sale this weekend.  We are NOT telling Mr. AKM that little tidbit of info.  Capiche?
Anyway...I'd been dying to tackle painting the upstairs Game/Play/Family Room since we moved in (uhm, that was 4 years ago people) and decided that a 30% off sale was reason enough to jump on it!

The room wasn't all that bad to begin with...

Ok, who am I kidding.  It was awful.  Every time I walked into it I thought of baby poop.  YUCK!

And there was no design to it at all.  Years ago we had it filled with furniture that was eventually moved down to our main family room so this just became the place to "dump" all the overflow.  (that's a ping pong table folded up against the wall by the way).  In case you were wondering.

One rainy day I resolved to begin...and since it was raining and no one could go outside, I enlisted the help of the entire family.

And it went a little something like this...

That's a lot of "brown" to have to clean, caulk and tape up people!  But we did it!  WOOT!

This is the hallway just behind the Game Room.  It's pretty dark and dreary.

But now...

Soooo much better wouldn't you say?  

This room is still a work in progress (as you can see).  But I wanted to give you a sneak peek at what we're working on.

Keep checking back for more updates.

I will be posting a tutorial on how to paint the PERFECT stripes...can you guess which wall got striped?

Tell me what you think so far.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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