Thursday, January 12, 2012

Say it don't spray it...

Paint Sprayer
(Wagner HVLP Conversion Paint Sprayer)

Mama got a new toy!  WOOOHOOOO!   I can not WAIT to bust this bad boy out and start spray painting EVERYTHING in my house.  Not even the kids or the dogs are safe from this new toy.  Be very, very afraid!

Wagner HVLP Conversion Gun  - click to enlarge

Just looking at this paint sprayer makes me want to go all Tim the Tool Man Taylor with his manly Uh, Uh, UH grunts.  Don't laugh...I had NO idea how to spell that sound out.  LOL!  But if you know Tim the Tool Man, then you KNOW the grunt I am referring too :)

My front door is about to meet its new coat of paint by way of this very sprayer!  SQUEALS!  I can not WAIT to see how it works.  I'm so very excited! 

And if it is a monumental failure, you will understand my absence while I mourn in peace. 

Until then, may your head be filled with visions of spray painted Happiness!


Love notes...


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