Friday, October 21, 2011

BirchBox.  Have you heard of this?  I hadn’t either until I saw it on one of my all time FAVORITE hair style blogs that I read.  If you don’t follow Kate at It’s the Small Things then you may be experiencing a few to many bad hair days!  She gives some awesome tips AND tutorials on how to style hair.  And lets face it girls, we can all use a little help when it comes to what mousse, gel, spray gel, shine pomade (what the freak is a pomade anyway) and shellac hairspray we should use.  Or at least I can J 

Ok so, back to BirchBox…Birchbox is a monthly subscription of sample size beauty products delivered right to your mailbox. At just $10.00 a month, you get access to the latest and greatest beauty products for hair, skin, and nails.

Check it out.  This awesome little box of happiness showed up in my mailbox.

Isn’t it cute?
I opened in up and found (insert happy dance here) PINK tissue paper AND a little note just for me!

 After reading my little "love note" I opened the tissue paper to see what type of treasures await.  It was like Christmas had come early!
There are some full sized products in there my peeps!  That lipgloss on the right is my new personal fav.  LOVE IT! 

I'm so excited to see what other products I'll get in the future months. And I'll make sure to share with you all what I get so you too will be tempted to subscribe to Birchbox!

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