Saturday, January 7, 2012

First project of 2012 - The Front Door

Painting the Front Door
(Benjamin Moore – Wythe Blue)


I have struggled with the decision on what project that I wanted to tackle first during the New Year 2012.  My list of projects grows by the second so this was not an easy decision to come by.  Do I go with what NEEDS to be done or what I WANT to have done.  Such a quandary.  Need and want really are the same thing...right?  I mean I WANT to be skinny healthy just as much as I NEED to be.  See...the same thing!  Mr. AKM begs to disagree though.  BOOO!!!  Sometimes I do not like him very much (but I still love him even when I hate disagree with him).

Several months ago our sweet little Australian Shepard, BlackJack, decided to do this to our front door when his cute little girlfriend (the yellow lab next door) walked by our front porch. 

NOT COOL!  He had never done this before, nor has he done it since.  While I was pretty mad at the time about it, I decided it was fate that it happened.  I had long since wanted to paint the door since we moved in but just never got around to doing it.  Its been on my LONG list of to-do's for 3 years.  Really I'm NOT a procrastinator.  I'm Not!  There were just other things that needed to be done baking brownies or painting my toenails.  A girl has to have priorities ya know :) 
Sooo the dog ruined the door...then I got this sweet little coupon in the mail for a FREE pint of Benjamin Moore Paint at Ace Hardware.  Umm..SCORE!  So my want to paint the door turned into a "need"...see how that works out?  I'd been eyeing some pretty sweet doors on Pinterest that were all sporting the same color (Benjamin Moore - Wythe Blue).  Coincidence?  I think not!  So in about a week my front door will go from this...

To something more like this....
Cottage and Vine

I just love that color don't you?  It's like the PERFECT blue/green/turquoise-y shade (yes, turquoise-y is a word).  LA-UVE it!  So off to Ace I went and got my FREE pint-o-paint.  Squeals!
This weekend I shall begin the process of painting the front door to include sanding, filling in the lovely gouges that my dog left behind, sanding some more, taping off the glass and FINALLY priming and painting it.  Whew! So much for a small little door doncha think?

Tune in next week to see the progress....

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  1. can't wait to catch up on my blogs so I can see the door--I DO like the color!


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